Our Story

Jamil Jama interviewed plenty of successful entrepreneurs from numerous industries. He has learnt a lot in his journey and he knows what it takes to fully operate a business. He also knows what it takes in order to make that business successful, and now he has devoted his life to helping others achieve their hopes and dreams.
Jamil Jama made this podcast channel so he could share industry knowledge with others while also helping those who are in trouble to move past their limitations. Jamil Jama believes that anything is possible when you put your mind to it, especially in the world of business. He also knows how important it is to effectively set goals and manage your own productivity through time management, self-discipline and good organisation. That’s why he continually posts news, eBooks and other related material so you can be more than focused when it comes to your business as well as giving you the drive, motivation and desire to do well.
If you have any questions for Jamil Jama, all you have to do is send them through the site and Jamil Jama will get back to you as soon as possible.

About The Show

TheLawOfBusiness is a platform for entrepreneurs, To listen to and read real life stories of today’s successful Entrepreneurs and also network with today's best business leaders .

We are dedicated to passionately promoting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Our world.
Our vision is to create a hub for thousands of entrepreneurs across The world by providing them with critical value-additions like visibility, business networking, corporate partnerships, growth opportunities and investor connections.and to learn be inspired and model successful Entrepreneurs. Our other goal is, making learning business skills much quicker and simpler.

We are agnostic to sector and scale, covering entrepreneurs, startups business ideas from web, mobile, cloud, e-commerce, enterprise to social, green and creative domains, Work from home industry among others.
TheLawOfBusiness.com research is dedicated to market research, intelligence and consulting in the entrepreneurship ecosystem in our world.
At TheLawOfBusiness.com we have a passion – to tell the world real life stories of successful Entrepreneurs so that you can learn be inspired and model their success.
We’re continuously working towards bettering the platform and we’d love to hear from our wonderful community of readers and listeners about your thoughts and views on how we can provide more value.

We started this site because we wanted to give entrepreneurs the chance to read, listen and study the work and stories of other entrepreneurs. We also give people the chance to network with the current leaders in business as well as remaining completely dedicated to the world of business in general. Our vision is to create a central hub for business professionals while also providing them with visibility, connections and the chance to be successful in general. We believe that our model makes learning more about business easier than ever before, while also attracting young and motivated professionals to get more involved.
Thank you for being a part of our journey.