How To Find Your Life’s Purpose!

Daniel Goodenough is the author of The Caravan of RememberingA Road Map for Awakening the Experience of Your Life’s Mission, from Heart’sWay Press. He is co-founder and teacher at The Way of the Heart, an international program of personal growth and self-development. 

He’s worked as a research scientist, professional musician, and graphic designer. He has taught thousands of students in the last 30 years through The Way of the Heart program to discover the authentic path they were meant to live, and how to walk that path in the world. Recently, he has been consulting with companies that want to do business in a new way,with integrity, purpose, and heart. 




Key Points In The Interview

[0:41] Daniel Goodenough’s Bio

[2:32] Daniel Goodenough’s Story

[6:10] Life’s Mission

[12:28] Look Back At Your Childhood

[18:33] The Caravan Of Remembering: A Road Map For Experiencing The Awakening Of Your Life’s Mission. Daniel Goodenough’s Book.



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