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Dom Cappuccilli combines the power of a trained storyteller with the real world experience of an elite salesperson. In fact, he became an elite salesperson because he was a trained storyteller. He is the CEO of The Clean Sell consulting firm which has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to not only tell a better sales story, but also built many of their sales efforts from the ground up. After 10 years as a reporter, author and screenwriter, Dom found his calling when he rewrote the sales story of a fast-growing healthcare company and doubled their revenue in six months. From there, he quickly rose to be a sales leader at unicorn startup ZocDoc – currently valued at $1.8B – before he went to Arches Technology and created and sold an entirely new healthcare technology product to health systems. During his career, Dom was amazed that almost all of the companies he saw were succeeding in spite of their sales story and strategy, not because of it. In 2016, he decided it was time to change that and The Clean Sell has been helping startups and small businesses ever since.




Topics discussed in this interview are: Why understanding the structure of an effective story is the key to success in sales, marketing & business overall. Scaling up your sales operation (dos and don’ts) The difference between product development and customer development and why this misunderstanding is wasting entrepreneurs millions and millions of dollars. The revenue scarcity mindset and why it leads to poor business decisions and not feeling in control of your business. Why live-opportunity coaching (done internally or externally) for you and your salespeople is the absolute best and quickest return on your investment The biggest differences between the founders whose companies and vision are realized, and those who don’t make it.


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Key Points In The Interview

[1:17] Dom Cappuccilli’s intro.

[4:45] Dom Cappuccilli’s Story.

[8:29] Finding a Gap In The Market.

[9:59] Is Hiring a VP Of Sales Too Early a Big Mistake?

[18:03] People Don’t Care About Your Story, They Care about Their Own Story. (What’s In It For Me?)




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