The Number 1 Thing a Small Business Owner Can Do to Get to The Top On Google?

Jason McDonald teaches business owners the art and science of getting anything to the top of search engines. Director of the JM Internet Group, this brilliant SEO & Digital Marketing expert, is author to the popular Amazon best-seller digital marketing books – SEO Fitness Workbook, Social Media Marketing Workbook, and AdWords Workbook. In 1994, before digital marketing was even a thing, Jason started his own technology blog, focused on the domain, reaching over 50,000 subscribers within the embedded systems engineering community, worldwide. Today, through teaching digital marketing courses and corporate workshops, Jason pursues his passion of taking complex topics and making them easy to understand and practical for small business marketers.



  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing -all aspects, from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to LinkedIn, plus content marketing and strategy
  • AdWords Advertising and other forms of digital advertising





Key Points In The Interview

[3:16] Jason’s Story

[6:19] Rank Your Website Higher.

[10:22] Online Reviews Will Impact Your Business.

[15:57] Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and Information About Us.

[17:19] The Roots Of Fake News.






About the author, Jamil

Jamil Jama
Podcast Host, Author and Internet Marketer.