How to Be a Podcast Guest and How It Can Boost Your Authority

Millette Jones has a burning desire to help entrepreneurs believe their story is important & understand how sharing it can propel their business to success.
Millette’s own story has its’ share of ups and downs and she believes too many entrepreneurs allow the inevitable setbacks to derail their goals and push them back into the 9-to-5 grind.
Millette supports entrepreneurs with her Unstoppable Coach podcast, podcast publicity coaching, membership site for DIY podcast interview marketing and her signature program: Podguesting for Profits which guides entrepreneurs to be recognized as experts in their field, easily reach new audiences, and steadily grow their business through building trust and genuine connections with their ideal clients.

Leveraging Interviews to gain visibility and grow a business.
What are the benefits of being a podcast guest?
What are some ways to find relevant podcasts to pitch?
What are some tips for being a great podcast guest?
How can a guest be memorable and start to develop trust with an audience?
Are there any other ways to leverage podcasts besides being a guest?
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Key Points In The Interview

[2:40] Millette’s Story.

[8:29] How To Find Podcasts To Pitch To?

[9:39] What Is The Best Way To Pitch To A Podcast Host?

[11:23] What Is The Best Way To Contact Podcast Hosts?

[12:31] It’s Never A Bad Idea…..






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