How to Give a Good TEDx Talk – Interview With Nathan Eckel

About Nathan Eckel’s Journey

Nathan’s journey to the TEDx stage was accomplished in under 6 months.  Although some speakers are invited, he applied like the vast majority  – and he is so glad he did.

The process of applying to speak allowed him to craft and refine not only his message, but also his application.  After a dozen attempts (11 NOs!) Nathan Eckel was accepted for an onsite interview, which turned out to be an invitation to join the lineup of TEDxHarrisburg 2017*.  Nathan was surprised to learn that he would be closing the event, despite the far greater reputation of the other speakers, including a megabestselling author and a senior official in the US cabinet!

Reflecting on the success of the event, the relative difficulty of finding events within the narrow application window, and hearing stories of colleagues and friends whose applications were not accepted caused Nathan to realize the need to create an archive – one that is available On Demand 7 Days a Week, 100% FREE. 


“If You Can Speak You Can Influence, If You Can Influence You Can Change Lives”

Key Points In The Interview

[0:47] Nathan Eckel’s Intro

[2:24] How Nathan Eckel Got Into Public Speaking

[3:35] How To Kill The Fear Of Public Speaking

[8:05 ]  Clubs to Practice Public Speaking (Model The Best)

[15:52] How To Do a Good TED Talk






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