How To Market Your Business

Paul Potratz has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur.

With no assistance and a self-starter attitude, he started his own advertising agency in 2003.   Now, Potratz Advertising is an authority in the automotive industry as a full-service agency that specializes in digital marketing.

Paul Potratz loves to use his knowledge for helping entrepreneurs through their journey.


In this interview you will discover, How humans learn: Sight, sound, and motion.

20 years entrepreneur journey: Paul Potratz’s story.

Selling: How to sell by telling stories.

Digital advertising, artificial intelligence and much more.



[1:43] Marketing Vs Advertising.

[3:10] Sight, Sound, and Motion.

[5:42] Before Paul Potratz Started His Marketing Agency.

[7:28] Paul Potratz’s  Strength ( Story Telling )

[18:08] How Paul Potratz Made His Business So Successful For So Long?




About the author, Jamil

Jamil Jama
Podcast Host, Author and Internet Marketer.