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Paul Wakefield is a Award Winning Business Champion.
SageUK Business Expert and UK Influencer.
Voted as a top #100 marketer online in 2012.
Featured in the book called The Laptop Millionaire.
Author of x3 Business Books including a #1 Bestseller.
Football Manager for U14’s Holy Trinity FC
Mad crazy Tottenham fan.
He’s been playing golf since he was 9.
He is a loving dad & step dad to 3 beautiful girls.

Business and Style Consultancy for businessmen who want more confidence to make an IMPACT and grow their business FAST! Paul Wakefield clothing offers beautiful custom clothing of the highest quality, surprisingly affordable and designed to make you look good and stand out from the crowd.


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Key Points In The Interview

[2:22] Paul Wakefield’s Story.

[10:18] Paul Launched His Own Clothing Brand.

[11:55] Been a Perfectionist.

[20:59] Setting Goals.

[21:29] No Excuses No Limits.

[36:25] Been Productive.

[44:30] Been Disciplined.





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