Podcaster and Managing Director of The Podcast Host Colin Gray Shows You How To Grow Your Business By Starting a Podcast

Colin Gray

Colin Gray is the founder and owner of The Podcast Host and The Podcast Host does just that! Helps you to become a podcast host, to make sure your podcast achieves everything you need it to! The podcast host provides training courses and articles all designed to grow your podcast, make it successful and develop your podcasting skills.
The Podcast Host takes you from novice podcaster to confident broadcaster in easy steps!

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Key Points In This Interview

[1:14] Colin Gray’s Introduction

[3:18] Colin’s Journey

[6:56] How Podcasting Can Be Used To Grow Your Business

[10:33] Is Podcasting Saturated Now?

[13:16] How To Make Your Podcast Stand Out

[17:10] How To Cover One Topic In Depth

[21:10] Where To Contact Colin?





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