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Tony Woodall is a professional speaker, podcaster, entrepreneur, coach and author. Tony just published his book, 9 Steps to Successful Goal Achievement | The How-to Guide for Goal Setting Success. He has successfully used these techniques to reach many of his career and personal goals. Tony became fat and happy in his career success and ballooned to an unhealthy 300 pounds. He started working on losing the weight but never applied the steps he used to be successful in his life. This year, he made the commitment to follow the plans he describes in his book and achieved his goal of weighing 185 pounds at the end of the year, three months early.

Tony teaches his Goal Getting – Don’t Just Set’em Get’em program to sales teams in real estate, lending, banking and other sales teams that want their teams to reach and exceed their goals. If you want to transform your life and reach your health and wellness goals, contact Tony today learn how you can Get the Goals You Set.

9 Steps to Successful Goal Achievement: The How-To Guide for Goal-Setting Success


Key Points In The Interview

[2:35] Tony Woodall’s Story

[5:05] What Is The Goal Getting Podcast About?

[7:02] The Subconscious Mind.

[10:20] Why Many People Fail to Achieve Their Goals?

[12:18] Taking Action.




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