The Five People That All Entrepreneurs Are Doing Business With Whether They Know It Or Not!

Valerie Del Grosso isn’t your typical stuffy lawyer and she certainly isn’t interested in doing things “the old fashioned way” unless she has checked that there is a good reason for it. In life, this means her family wonders where she came from! As an attorney, this means her clients are happy to find her, because she refuses to “over-lawyer” a problem or drag it out to earn fees.

Whip-smart, Valerie finished her undergraduate degree in two years and was a lawyer by the time she was just 23 years old. She has been practicing for over nine years and owns her own law practice in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has extensive experience serving clients ranging from tiny businesses to household names. Valerie has gone toe-to-toe with “fancy” and super-experienced attorneys (sometimes whole teams) and also regularly goes to court to see how different approaches pan out when the chips are down. That is, Valerie is willing to stand up for her work in court, not just hide behind a desk dishing out theoretical advice.

But Valerie is not just a lawyer. She is your friend, who just so happens to be a lawyer.  In her personal life, Valerie is married, though you will never meet her husband and may often question if he truly exists. She has traveled to about 20 countries and recently took up Olympic lifting as a hobby. Pretty soon her tagline will have to be: Your SUPER BUFF Friend Who Is A Lawyer!

” The Only Person You Should Try To Be Better Than Is The Person You Was Yesterday”

” Tough Times Don’t Last Tough Teams Do”



Key Points In The Interview

[0:38] Valerie’s Introduction

[4:50] Valerie Del Grosso The Lawyer That Is Your Friend

[7:26] The Five People You Are Doing Business with Whether You Know It Or Not

[16:17] Working With Your Team Mates






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